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Automotive Plastic Additives Market By Additives (Antioxidants, Plasticizers, Stabilizers, Anti-Scratch), By Application (Electronics & Electrical, Interior, Exterior, Under the Hood), By Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Polyurethane (PUR), Polypropylene (PP), Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)), By Vehicle Type (Commercial, Passenger), Industry Trends, Estimation & Forecast, 2018 - 2025

Dairy Testing Market Is Anticipated to Reach a Value of $5.4 Billion by 2025 and Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 7.1% During the Forecast Period 2018-2025, Says Esticast Research And Consulting

As per the report "Dairy testing Market By Type (Safety, Quality testing), By technology (Traditional, Rapid), By product (Milk and milk powder, Cheese, Butter & spreads, Infant’s foods, Ice creams & deserts, Yoghurt), Industry Trends, Estimation & Forecast, 2018-2025", Dairy Testing Market Is Anticipated to Reach a Value of $5.4 Billion by 2025 and Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR ...

Heavy Duty (class 7 & 8) Truck Market is Anticipated to Grow at a CAGR of 4.1% During the Forecast Period 2018 - 2025, says Esticast Research and Consulting

As per the report "Heavy Duty Truck Market By Class (Class 7 (between 26,001 and 33,000 Lb.), Class 8 (33,001 Lb. and higher)), By Fuel (Diesel, Natural gas, Hybrid electric vehicles, Gasoline), By Application (Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Logistics), Industry Trends, Estimation & Forecast, 2018 - 2025". Global heavy duty (class 7 & 8) truck market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of...

Wireless Charging Market Revenue Will Reach $70.1 Billion By 2025, Growing With A CAGR of 37.2% During the Forecast Period of 2018-2025, Says Esticast Research and Consulting

As per the report "Wireless charging Market By Technology (Inductive, Resonant, Radio frequency), By components (Transmitters, Receivers), By application (Automotive, Electronics, Health care, Industries, Infrastructure, Aerospace and defense), Industry Trends, Estimation & Forecast, 2017 - 2025". Wireless Charging Market Revenue will Reach $70.1 Billion by 2025, Growing with a CAGR of 37.2% D...

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) Market is Expected to Reach $6.2 Billion by 2025, Growing with a CAGR of 16.9%, During the Forecast Period of 2018 to 2025, says Esticast Research and Consulting

As per the report "In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Market By Product (Reagents, Equipment), By Type of Cycles (Fresh non-donor, Frozen non-donor, Fresh donor, Frozen donor), By End User (Fertility clinics and surgical centers, Hospital and research laboratories, Cryobanks), Industry Trends, Estimation & Forecast, 2018 - 2025". IVF Market is Expected to Reach $6.2 Billion by 2025, Growing with a C...

Train Control and Management System Market is Anticipated to Reach a Value of $5,412.3 Million by 2025 and Project a CAGR of 8.0% During the Forecast period 2018-2025, Says Esticast Research and Consulting

As per the report "Train control and management system Market  By Type (Metros & High-Speed Train, Electric Multiple Unit, Diesel Multiple Unit), By Control Solution (Communication-Based Train Control Solution, Positive Train Control, Integrated Train Control), By Component (Vehicle Control Unit, Mobile Communication Gateway, Human Machine Interface), Industry Trends, Estimation & For...

The Advertising Research Foundation Acquires CIMM Focusing Upon Measurement Innovations

The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), the industry leader in advertising research among brand advertisers, agencies, media and research firms, today announced that it has acquired the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM).

CIMM, which explores new methodologies and approaches to audience measurement, will become a subsidiary of ARF focused on measurement innovation.


Rapidly growing consumer awareness boosting demand for food safety testing services

Consumers are highly concerned about the safety, quality, and authenticity of nearly every food product they buy. The increasing awareness regarding balanced nutrition and food safety is a key factor which is leading to an increased demand for food safety testing services all over the globe. Moreover, the media has generated a sense of co...

Changing lifestyle; driving the fitness equipment market globally

The society is getting dependent on the latest technologies for the daily errands, with the continuous progress in the technology. Moreover, improvement in the technology has confined the regular physical activities. Technology has precisely affected individual’s health since past few decades. Due to this, there is an increased demand for the extension of regular physical activities, so a...

Travel insurance: the complete peace of mind for travelers

Travelling has become an important part of an individual’s professional and personal life. It is convenient and reasonable for anyone to travel domestically or internationally, with the constantly growing disposable income and development in infrastructure. Travel insurance has become one of the most prominent things, an individual req...

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Esticast Research & Consulting offers reliable objective insights covering 50+ industries with unparalleled proficiency in wide range of products and services. We follow global approach covering the entire world and have clients from almost every country. We are among the first to commence research on niche markets. ERC analysts are subject matter experts and possess expertise in varied domains. Our in-house data base is updated regularly and we source data from extremely reliable sources. Our rigorous and proven research methodology help us to derive reliable and actionable insights. ERC can help you make informed business decisions and thus assist you in taking the right path. We offer product and country level breakdown for all our research reports. Our research reports come with 20% of free customization on every report that you purchase.

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Our syndicated research reports cover 50+ industry sectors offering you product and country wise breakup of the market along with niche data and insights that will help you make informed business decision. Our research is focused on the key segments of an industry that possess opportunities of growth.

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We offer especially tailored reports as custom projects wherein we offer you customization of our syndicated reports to expand its scope covering the areas of your interest. We offer 20% of free* customization on all syndicated report purchases.

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Our consulting services are aimed at providing a thorough knowledge and comprehensive understanding of various industries that is vital for gaining competitive advantage and overcome challenges. We have committed team of consultants to serve you with unbiased information and help you in making efficient decisions.

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We understand the requirements of companies for full time assistance on strategies implemented, plans initiated, and steps taken for achieving sustainable business growth. We provide full time partnership services to our clients to address their needs with comprehensive analysis and relevant information.

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Our research reports help you understand the consumer behavior and hence assist you understand the ongoing trend in the market. Our reports give you a 360 degree view of the market assisting you to understand the exact factors that are driving the sales and the possible future changes in consumer tastes. It therefore helps you take informed business decisions.

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Our study is based on analysis by in-house team of analysts as well as data gathered by on-field consultants. We use proven survey methodology to find out the actual trends prevailing in the market. We also study and let you understand the factors behind the trending products, applications, technologies etc.

Potential future markets

Our study reveals you the potential products that may gain traction in next 6 to 8 years. Staying informed of lucrative business opportunities help you stay prepared for the growth in demand for a product in near future.

Peer analysis

The research we provide company profiles of top 10 companies that are active in the market. Alongside, we can also provide you a study on companies that fall within your arena of peers. A specialized study of such companies can offer your deep insights to deal with competition prevailing in the market and gain maximum possible profits from the market.

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Our market monitoring service regularly track a specific market and deliver timely insights from the market. This helps you stay informed of the dynamic behavior of specific markets. Real time market information helps you take timely decisions and avoid losses that may come due to unawareness.

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We believe in offering information that is highly accurate and this build ourselves as a reliable research firm. Our reputation among the clients speaks for itself through the testimonials that we receive from our clients.

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We understand that your information is of utmost privacy and Esticast Research & Consulting strives to keep all your information secure with us. Further, our website is SSL certified and thus your personal data is highly secure with us.

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We are the first to commence research on niche markets. We track the markets right from the research stage and thus offer highly information research findings. Be it country specific reports or reports on niche products, we are ready to offer you tailored research findings.

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