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Research Reports in Advanced Materials

Vacuum packaging is a type of packaging technology which takes out air from the packaging before sealing the pack and prolongs the shelf life of food related products without harmfully impacting their quality. Vacuum packaging is an effective way of decreasing food spoilage. It also generates situations which support the growth of anaerobic organisms.

Technical textiles are high performance textiles that are required for special functionality. Technical textile is used in agriculture, clothing, packaging & furnishing and more complicated applications such as automotive, filtration, construction, and environmental protection. The global technical textile market is driven by increasing automotive industry and technological development. Moreover,

Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging which results in improved sustainability. Sustainable packaging involves increased use of life cycle inventory and life cycle assessment for its use in packaging which reduces the environmental impact and environmental footprint. Sustainable packaging is one of the most eco-friendly and healthy modes of packaging. Sustainable packaging

Sleeve Labels are used in labeling of beverage and packaged food. Sleeve labels are also used in healthcare and personal care packaging solution due to their cost effectiveness and atheistic attributes. Sleeve Labels, are broadly classified into stretch sleeve labels and shrink sleeve labels on the basis of technique of labeling.

Pouches are made of flexible or easy-yielding materials, which can easily change shape based on the nature of the product being packaged. A stand up pouch is one, which has an ability to stand on its own. These pouches enhance the shelf’s visual effects and are designed with features such as ease of use & portability, high barrier properties, and enhanced quality of the content.

Self-adhesive labels are multilayered system that contain information printed on its surface. Self-adhesive labels are a specialized type of label that are useful to packaging. Self-adhesive labels are used for include food & beverages, consumer durables, pharmaceutical and home & personal care. The growth of self-adhesive labels market is majorly driven by rising demand for consumer durables, inc

Retort is a cooking process that uses pressure and heat to cook food in its sealed package. Retort packaging offers some important characteristics of food packaging such as ease of use, low weight, aesthetic appeal, extended shelf life of packaged content, and ensured food safety & hygiene. The growth of retort packaging market is primarily driven by increased investment in high-speed forming and

Paper and paperboard packaging material is thick, having a high weight per unit area and is made in multiple layers. It is mostly used for wrapping products. Paper and paperboards are used to make packaging labels, boxes, cartons and cardboard boxes. The growth of paper & paperboard packaging market is majorly driven by the development of new patterns and quality offerings coupled with rising dema

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a technique of extending the shelf life of fresh food. Modified atmosphere packaging is the replacement of air in a pack with a single gas or a mixture of gases, wherein the proportion of each component is fixed, when the mixture is introduced in the pack. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) prevents microbial degradation and preserves the food and its color

Industrial tapes offer high level of adhesive strength compared to normal tapes which are used in everyday life. Industrial tapes are mainly used for conducting, masking and packaging purposes in automobile, electronics & construction industry. Industrial tapes are also used in other bonding, damping and sealing applications across various industries such as automotive, aerospace and marine. The g