EVgo Deploys the Firts Autocharge Technology, Enabling an Instant Start-Your’s-Charge Experience without Apps or Cards

EVgo Deploys the Firts Autocharge Technology, Enabling an Instant Start-Your’s-Charge Experience without Apps or Cards

EVgo, the region’s largest public fast-charging network, became the first North American EV charging network to unveil Autocharge technology. This pioneering technology instantly identifies a customer’s vehicle and begins automatic charging after a one-time registration, making it even leisurely for drivers to fast charge with EVgo. Autocharge functionality permits EVgo registered consumers to start a fast charging session in seconds without the prerequisite to open the EVgo app or swipe an RFID or credit card – saving EV drivers time and conveying a seamless fast charging experience. EVgo’s Autocharge debut confirms the company’s leadership position, ahead of industry-wide employment of the ISO 15118 ‘Plug&Charge’ standard, which is in progress but not yet scheduled for launch by carmakers. Autocharge is being launched on EVgo’s committed network for Maven Gig members and will be rolled out countrywide by the end of 2019 to all EVgo account holders with a CCS charger-compatible vehicle.

“Autocharge technology saves EVgo charger consumer’s time and makes fast charging as simple as plugging in and walking away,” said Ivo Steklac, EVgo’s Chief Technology Officer. “As the first EV charging network to introduce Autocharge in North America, EVgo remains to build on our track record of carrying industry-leading customer experience for our members and partners.” “This technology not only further shortens the EV charging experience but also removes much of the hassle associated with RFID-card management,” said Frank Marotta, Jr., Maven Electrification Project Lead. “We are eager to see this technology rolled out more extensively, both at our dedicated Maven Gig stations and across the EVgo public network for our consumers.”

Maven Gig and EVgo first associated in April 2018 to provide the nation’s first dedicated fast-charging network for on-demand drivers. EVgo is America’s Largest Public EV Fast Charging Network. EVgo’s fast chargers offer convenient, fast charges to EV drivers on the go, delivering up to 90 miles of range in half an hour. EVgo’s fast chargers are compatible with all EV models currently on the market that accept DC Fast Charging. With more than 1,100 fast-chargers and more than 1,000 Level 2 chargers in 66 metropolitan cities, EVgo’s network in 34 U.S. states lets EV drivers travel further while providing exemplary service by maintaining and operating its charging stations. EVgo bids a variety of flexible pricing options for drivers comprising Pay As You Go and low-cost Membership options.

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