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Trends Shaping the Future of RFID Applications

Radio-Frequency Identification, also called as RFID is a rising technology. A great potential stays ahead to apply it to areas that can utilize the benefits of the technology. When thinking about the future of RFID technology, you’ll be intimated by the data. RFID technology is contributing to some significant advancement in healthcare, food safety, retai...

Increased data complexity among corporations, driving the complex-event processing market

Complex-Event Processing (CEP) is a methodology that keeps track of and processes the data in a combined manner from different sources in order to get useful trends & patterns and derive conclusions. As a result of the cost-effectiveness of the complex-event processing, it is highly being adopted in various sectors such as govern...

RFID Tags: a perfect solution to keep track of assets

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that utilizes the radio waves to read and capture the data, which is stored on a tag attached to the device. The tags consist of microchips, in which data is stored electronically. This data can be interpreted, several feet away from the reader. The prominent parts of RFID tags are tag antennas ...