A Significant Win for KX and Electrolux and an Even Bigger Win for American Consumers

A Significant Win for KX and Electrolux and an Even Bigger Win for American Consumers

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) gotten an obligatory reform in November 2019, banning the import of refrigerated water filters that violate patents owned by KX Technologies LLC and licensed to Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

The KX President said that “this is a victorious moment for KX Technologies and an even bigger win for American consumers. KX Technologies Inc. is a global leader in the production and design of the packaged of drinking water filtration products that consist of under-sink and countertop filtration units, refrigerated water coupled with ice filtration systems, and point of entry systems”.

The research study by Barrillion with American Home Appliances Manufacturers suggests that “spurious intention in refrigerated water filters pose a serious threat to the consumers”. The findings concluded that it is a big failure for the U.S. ITC to remove harmful contaminants from the counterfeit filters that prove lethal for the American consumer giant.

Barrillion further states that “KX Technologies Inc. is committed for its validation with NSF certified standards in all technological products in the pipeline as well as the existing range of products that delivers safe and good quality water. The certification gives uphold to the consumer giant to purchase packaged water with confidence”.

To stop the supply of spurious filters in the U.S. last year, in June 2018, KX joined hands with Electrolux in registering a complaint requesting the ITC to investigate the imported infringed water filters pipeline supplied in the country.

As per section 337 of the Tariff Act 1930, the state of being seriously prosecuted for any imported goods found with an unfair act supplied in the U.S. including the enforcement of intellectual property rights. If the ITC is found in violation of the above unfair trade practices it will be booked under section 337 that mentions lifetime banning the import of infringed goods, cease in distribution rights for supplying goods, and subject to severe penalties for unlawful trade practices.

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