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Research Reports in Defense & Aerospace

An aircraft engine is the portion of the propulsion system of an aircraft which is used to generate mechanical power required for various operations of aircraft. Global aircraft engine market is anticipated to grow significantly owing to increased aircraft sale and demand for fuel efficient engines.

An arresting gear, or arresting system, is a mechanical system used to swiftly decelerate an aircraft as it lands. Global aircraft system market is anticipated to grow with healthy growth rate owing to increasing deployment of aircraft arresting system over naval carriers and increasing installation at airports to avoid turnovers.

Air traffic control (ATC) is a service offered by ground-based air traffic controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace along with provision of advisory services to aircraft in non-controlled airspace. Global air traffic market is projected to grow significantly in coming years owing to factors such as demand for better airspace management, modernization of airport

The air management system is an advanced system that enables a safe, healthy and comfortable environment during flight. Air management system includes electrical as well as pneumatic systems. Global air management system market is anticipated to exhibit a healthy growth rate owing to the technological advancement in air management system, requirement of effective thermal management system, and nee

An aerostructure is a component of an aircraft's airframe, which may include all or part of the fuselage, wings and flight control surfaces. The global aerostructures market is expected to show robust growth in the upcoming years due to the influence of various factors such as increasing commercial aircraft deliveries, rise in adoption of composite aerostructures, surge in the demand for outsource

Aerospace 3D Printing is a technology used to build 3D aircraft parts by adding layer-upon-layer of material under computer control. The adoption of 3D printing or additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry has led to the transformation of fuselage design. The aerospace 3D printing market is expected to show a robust growth due the impact of certain market determinants such as short supply c

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) or Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) are vehicles that operate on the surface of the water without a crew. The unmanned surface vehicle market is expected to show a notable growth due to the impact of certain market determinants such as increased demand for USVs to monitor water quality and map ocean data, asymmetric threats & maritime security concerns, presence of

Thrust Vector Control (TVC), also known as thrust vectoring, is the ability of an aircraft, rocket, or other vehicle to manipulate the direction of the thrust from its engine(s) or motor(s) in order to control the attitude or angular velocity of the vehicle. The increased need for super-maneuverable fighter aircrafts, increase in number of launch vehicles and satellite launches, increase in develo

A thermoelectric generator (TEG), also known as Seebeck generator, is a solid state device that converts heat flux directly into electrical energy. The growth of thermoelectric generators market is influenced by various market determinants such as increasing demand for miniaturized TEG, requirement for durable and maintenance free power sources, high production cost of thermoelectric material, and

A shoulder-fired weapon, shoulder-launched weapon or man-portable weapon is an explosive-carrying, self-propelled projectile fired at a target. It is classified as 'anti-tank' or 'anti-aircraft' that uses a launcher to fire the warhead at the target. The shoulder fired weapons market is expected to show notable growth due the impact of certain influential factors such as increasing demand for ligh