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Research Reports in Defense & Aerospace

Air and Missile defense radar (AMDR) is an active radar system which is capable of detection of various air threats such as missiles, stealth aircrafts, and ballistic missiles.

An aerospace data recorder is a recording device that records relevant data during an aircraft's flight. This data is used to retrieve useful information after the flight to enhance safety and operational efficiency. The rapid escalation in the air traffic has been witnessed since past few years, all across the globe.

Submarine air-independent propulsion (AIP) systems are marine propulsion technologies that enable a non-nuclear submarine to operate without any access to atmospheric oxygen.

Air traffic control (ATC) equipment are used for air traffic communication, navigation, and surveillance. They enhance the aircraft safety by ensuring safety and efficiency of the aircraft operations, organizing the flow of air traffic, and by preventing aircraft collisions.

Sporting guns are non-lethal weapons made up of metal tubes to fire bullets, artillery shells, pellets, darts or arrows. These guns are primarily used in sport events such as target shooting, rifle shooting, and handgun shooting.