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Research Reports in Healthcare

An artificial organ is a man-made device or tissue, implanted or integrated into a human to replace a natural organ. Transplantation of organs becomes crucial when a natural organ in the body is damaged due to injury or disease.

Circulating tumor cells are the cells that have shed into the vasculature or lymphatic from a primary tumor and are carried around the body, in the circulation. CTC diagnostics helps in the identification of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) shed by tumor cells. CTCs are cancerous cells which detach from primary tumor and migrate in the bloodstream or lymphatic system of the patient.

The Forensic Technology team uses the most advanced technological solutions to retrieve, search and analyses large and complex data sets. Forensic science has witnessed incredible developments in its technologies which in turn have increased its application as well as demand in the market.

In-vitro toxicology testing is the scientific analysis of toxic effects produced by chemical substances on cultured mammalian cells or bacteria. In vitro toxicity testing provides useful data information to clarify toxicity generation and its mechanism & enables to save the time by eliminating toxicological elements in the early phase of drug discovery process.

In the past couple of decades, there has been a reliable ascent in the rate of different urological issue, such as, urinary tract contamination, hydrocele, obstructive uropathy, prostate malignancy, hematuria and interstitial cystitis.