ProteKt Therapeutics Fund-Raising for R&D and Innovation in Neurodegenerative and Alzheimer’s Diseases

ProteKt Therapeutics Fund-Raising for R&D and Innovation in Neurodegenerative and Alzheimer’s Diseases

ProteKt Therapeutics, a biotech company involved in manufacturing new PN kinase inhibitor-based therapies to treat neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease recently announced mergers by signing an agreement and fundraised around $US 3.6 million equity financing round.

In an interview, with the officials of the ProteKt Therapeutics spokesperson replied that they are highly obliged for the existing investors due to strong backing for making the contract successful and welcome the new investors for the upcoming projects and developments within the organization.

The fund raised will be utilized to perform clinical trials of the drugs and selection of a leading target molecule to treat neurodegenerative disease in-vivo. It is also further stated that the company plans to develop clinical trials diagnostic assay and selected groups of patients in-house for the treatment of personalization and therapy for the disease.

Moreover, new funds raised will be highly remarkable spent by the organization for the development of laboratories and future infrastructure developments in-house to carry out clinical trials and studies by the adoption of a modern approach towards constructive innovation techniques for selection and validation of neuroinflammatory inhibitors.

In a press release by the media of the investors talk, the officials replied, of their strong commitment to the development of novel drug delivery discoveries and targeted drugs molecule. The investors are highly impressed with the ‘ProteKt Therapeutics’ capability and proud to be associated with the financing round and move towards a vision for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

The further merger of ‘ProteKt Therapeutics’ with ‘Québec’ will prove beneficial to fight against devastating illness coupled with innovation and modern technological approach of ‘Québec’s’ expertise in medicinal chemistry.

Lastly, the officials of the ‘ProteKt Therapeutics’ concluded by the statement, by expressing their strong gratitude towards association with highly specialized companies of working towards the same goal of development of novel therapies and treatment in neurology such as neurodegenerative diseases with the newcomers and existing investors.

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