Blue Shield of California and Google Cloud Announce Collaboration to Transform Medical Billing

Posted on December 2021 by Admin Blue Shield of California and Google Cloud Announce Collaboration to Transform Medical Billing
Blue Shield of California, Google Cloud, and other technology companies announced collaboration to transform medical billing. The aim of this partnership is to automate and simplify the billing and payment process for patients and providers so they can focus more on patient care. The companies will leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to reduce administrative burden for providers and provide retail-like experience to patients. It will provide real-time reimbursement information to providers. The new approach will process members' claims in real time. The companies will develop a scalable cloud platform that will integrate solutions from Blue Shield's other technology partners. It will help to digitize health care claims using automated processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to greatly improve the accuracy and timeliness of billing information and claims payment. Member experience is will be transformed by providing instant information on out-of-pocket costs. The initiative will allow providers to understand the expected payments from Blue Shield and eliminate burdensome administrative processes. Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Blue Shield of California, Lisa Davis said "The goal is to simplify the billing and payment process for providers so they can spend more of their time on patient care." Director of Global Healthcare Solutions at Google Cloud, Aashima Gupta said "Our collaboration leverages the best of both companies – Blue Shield of California's deep health care experience and commitment to improving the health of its communities and Google Cloud's ability to develop and automate scalable technology.” She added "This plan to provide clear, concise and correct medical billing information will lead to the creation of a national model to make all healthcare billing instantaneous and understandable, removing friction points for consumers and providers." Blue Shield will standardize its datasets and help scale its ongoing efforts to transform and automate billing and claim payment systems, so members and providers know exactly what to expect when care is delivered. This will be done by integrating technologies provided by Google Cloud and Blue Shield's other health care technology partners. This collaboration is the latest example of Blue Shield's Health Reimagined strategy.