Google Inc. Acquired Elastifile to Enhance Its Cloud File Storage Capability

Posted on February 2020 by Admin Google Inc. Acquired Elastifile to Enhance Its Cloud File Storage Capability
In July 2019, Google Inc. completed the acquisition of Elastifile, a company engaged in providing scalable, enterprise file storage in the cloud. The acquisition enabled Google to enhance its current file storage offering, third-party offerings, and Cloud Filestore. The amount of the acquisition was not disclosed by the two companies. Elastifile located in Herzliya, Israel and Santa Clara, U.S. was founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneurs and industry veterans Shahar Frank, Roni Luxenburg, and Amir Aharoni. The company delivers a fully native Google Cloud service and directs file storage for enterprise-grade applications running at scale in the cloud. Moreover, it offers customers with elastically scale-in or scale-out storage capacity on-demand.  In addition, the company also provides a service termed ClearTier that delivers intelligent tiering amid file and object storage. Google Inc. aims to incorporate Elastifile with its own Cloud Filestore service to improve the service's speed and mounting capabilities with this deal. In a blog post, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian stated that" The amalgamation of Elastifile and Google Cloud will aid in bringing traditional workloads into Google Cloud Platform (GCP) faster and streamline the management and scaling of data and compute-intensive workloads. Moreover, the combination is anticipated to empower businesses to form industry-specific, high-performance applications that require petabyte-scale file storage more swiftly and effortlessly. Elastifile CEO, Erwan Menard, stated that "Assisting our customers to solve tough storage challenges for their most crucial workloads has empowered these enterprises to release the full benefits of the cloud.” The decision of Google Inc. to purchase Elastifile arises at a period when the technology giant is taking constant steps towards new approaches for profitability in the cloud storage and data space. The popularity of Google Cloud is rising rapidly and the company desires to continue taking advantage of this momentum. In earlier earnings calls of Google Inc., the company disclosed that the Google Cloud Platform is presently one of the fastest-growing divisions for Alphabet, Google’s parent company.