Mitsubishi Introduces New Planes for Regional Markets

Posted on June 2019 by Admin Mitsubishi Introduces New Planes for Regional Markets
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has confirmed a new name for its regional planes. Mitsubishi SpaceJet aircraft family, as it is now called, is to be included of two jets: the MRJ90 regional jet, now to be known as the SpaceJet M90, and its descendant ‒ the smaller and U.S. clause compliant SpaceJet M100. “The regional market is an attractive one, full of untapped growth potential,” said Mr. Alex Bellamy, Chief Development Officer at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp, in a statement. The formal launch of the SpaceJet M100 programme is projected later this year, the company said.

"The Mitsubishi SpaceJet family represents our plan to redefine the business of regional air travel," said Hisakazu Mizutani, President, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation. "This is a commercial division where we see great prospect. As we organize for entry-into-service for the SpaceJet M90, we are also declaring the SpaceJet M100 – the result of our R&D during the past few years and the response to the regional market's current and future needs. These products mark our allegiance to a segment in desperate need of change that will allow airlines to augment the satisfaction of their passengers and considerably improve their business performance."

The SpaceJet M100 can also be designed to up to 88 seats in single class. “The aircraft targets double-digit performance enhancement, and has the lowest operating costs of any aircraft in its class,” according to the manufacturer. In the meantime, the SpaceJet M90, previously known by its production name MRJ90, is at present undergoing flight tests, which began in early March 2019. “We have initiated certification flight testing, in line with our plans to begin in early 2019,” Jeff Dronen from Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation informed AeroTime via e-mail. “Certification flight testing will be enduring and we will continue to co-ordinate with the aviation authorities”.

In preparation to distribute the SpaceJet M90 in 2020, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has considerably matured its commercial aircraft capabilities during the past several years. The company has worked carefully with governmental partners to establish a certification system for Japan and has begun type certification flight testing in Moses Lake, Washington, U.S. with both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB). The company will unveil the SpaceJet M100 cabin interior at the Paris Air Show, from June 17, 2019 through June 20, 2019. Attendees can visit Pavilion B6 to see the cabin mockup on a first-come-first-served basis Tuesday June 18, 2019through Thursday June 20, 2019. Formal launch of the SpaceJet M100 program is expected later this year.