Siemens Acquires Wattsense

Posted on December 2021 by Admin Siemens Acquires Wattsense
Siemens announced acquisition of Wattsense, a French startup company. Wattsense was established in 2017 with headquarter in Dardilly. It is a software and hardware company that offers innovative, plug-and-play IoT management system for small and mid-size buildings. Siemens Smart Infrastructure is a pioneer in infrastructure digitalization with more than 2.3 million devices connected to its cloud platform. It has more than 150 digital applications and offerings within its portfolio and has a aim of doubling its digital revenues from 700m Euro to 1.5bn Euro by 2025. Henning Sandfort, CEO, building products at Siemens Smart Infrastructure - “Together with Wattsense we will accelerate the adoption of IoT systems in a wider range of buildings, bringing the sustainability, comfort and cost benefits to more people and businesses.” “The SaaS business model and innovative technology stack of Wattsense perfectly complement our growing digital portfolio for our customers. We are excited to welcome the talented Wattsense team on board.” Wattsense’s spokeperson said the acquisition will not affect the deal signed with Schneider Electric in February 2021. The spokeperson mentioned: “The acquisition doesn’t impact the partnership with Schneider Electric as Wattsense continues to be an autonomous company with its independent distribution channels and partnerships. Schneider Electric still has ongoing projects where they use our Box and Hub devices.” For the European customers, this acquisition supports organizations with compliance of Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The legislation mention tertiary sectors building must be equipped with automation and control systems that reduce C02 emissions and enhance energy efficiency.