Africa Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Market By Type (Injection Grade, and Extrusion Grade), By Process (Solid-Phase Method, Solvent Method, and Aqueous Suspension Method), By Applications (Fire Sprinkler Systems, Pipes and Fitments, Coatings and Adhesives, and Power Cable Casing), Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2026


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Africa Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride market is estimated to reach $XX Million by 2026; growing at a CAGR of XX% till 2019 to 2026.
  • Market Definition

    Africa Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride market is estimated to reach $XX Million by 2026; growing at a CAGR of XX% till 2019 to 2026.

    Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) is a significant thermoplastic formed by the chlorination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. This gives CPVC many of the similar properties as polyvinyl chloride, although providing a higher heat distortion temperature. Therefore, CPVC is ideal for applications that have high-temperature processing, also that requires excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of PVC. In other words, CPVC offers excellent thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance and is capable of being used for a wide variety of applications owing to its ability to bend, machined, and weld.

    Market Dynamics

    Rising use of CPVC pipes due to wide applications in Africa region, safety factors and the surge in utility, better durability and less expensive are key driving factors of the market. However, the high cost incurred for repairing due to leakages in pipes and fragility in design on the manufacturing of CPVC pipes might hamper the market growth. Moreover, the utility of CPVC pipes material in manufacturing cable wires and tubes would provide lucrative opportunities for the market in the coming years.

    Market Segmentation

    The Africa chlorinated polyvinyl chloride market is mainly classified based on type, process, applications. Type is further segmented into injection grade, extrusion grade. By process, the market is divided into a solid-phase method, solvent method, aqueous suspension method. By Applications, the market is further categorized into fire sprinkler systems, pipes and fitments, coatings and adhesives, and power cable casing.

    Regional Analysis

    Based on geography, the Africa chlorinated polyvinyl chloride market is divided into Egypt, South Africa, and Rest of South Africa.

    Competitive Players

    Key players operating in the chlorinated polyvinyl chloride industry include Arkema, Mexichem SAB de CV, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Georg Fischer Harvel, IPEX, FIP, Fluidra Group, Viking Group, Supreme, Astral, LASCO and among others.

    Companies operating in this region are on a constant race to dominate the others by focusing on various marketing and business strategies such as product launch, innovation, mergers and acquisition, and partnership among others.

    For instance, on May 17, 2019- GF Piping Systems, a division of Georg Fischer Harvel, announced a new planned joint venture with Corys Investments LLC, located in Egypt Gas, Cairo (Egypt) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The joint venture, in which GF will take the industrial lead, will invest in a new production site for plastic pipes to participate in the soaring Egyptian gas and water distribution market.

    Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Market Key Segments:

    By Type

    • Injection Grade
    • Extrusion Grade

    By Process

    • Solid-Phase Method
    • Solvent Method
    • Aqueous Suspension Method

    By Applications

    • Fire Sprinkler Systems
    • Pipes and Fitments
    • Coatings and Adhesives
    • Power Cable Casing

    By Geography

    • Africa
      • Egypt
      • South Africa
      • Rest of Africa
  • Table of Content

    1. Market Introduction
    1.1. Executive Summary
    1.2. Market Definition
    1.3. Market Scope

    2. Research Methodology
    2.1. Primary Research
    2.2. Research Methodology
    2.3. Assumptions & Exclusions
    2.4. Secondary data sources

    3. Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Market Overview
    3.1. Report Segmentation & Scope
    3.2. Key Market Trend
    3.3. Drivers
    3.3.1. Rising use of CPVC pipes due to wide applications
    3.3.2. Safety factors and surge in utility
    3.3.3. Better durability and less expensive
    3.4. Restraints
    3.4.1. High cost incurred for repairing due to leakages in pipes
    3.4.2. Fragility in design on manufacturing of CPVC pipes
    3.5. Opportunities
    3.5.1. Utility of CPVC pipes material in manufacturing cable wires and tubes
    3.6. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    3.6.1. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    3.7. Market Share Analysis

    4. Type Overview
    4.1. Introduction
    4.1.1. Market Size & Forecast
    4.2. Injection Grade
    4.2.1. Market Size & Forecast
    4.3. Extrusion Grade
    4.3.1. Market Size & Forecast

    5. Process Overview
    5.1. Introduction
    5.1.1. Market Size & Forecast
    5.2. Solid-Phase Method
    5.2.1. Market Size & Forecast
    5.3. Solvent Method
    5.3.1. Market Size & Forecast
    5.4. Aqueous Suspension Method
    5.4.1. Market Size & Forecast

    6. Applications Overview
    6.1. Introduction
    6.1.1. Market Size & Forecast
    6.2. Fire Sprinkler Systems
    6.2.1. Market Size & Forecast
    6.3. Pipes and fitments
    6.3.1. Market Size & Forecast
    6.4. Coatings and adhesives
    6.4.1. Market Size & Forecast
    6.5. Power cable casing
    6.5.1. Market Size & Forecast

    7. Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Market Regional Overview
    7.1. Introduction
    7.1.1. Market Size & Forecast
    7.2. Africa Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Market
    7.2.1. Africa Market Size & Forecast, By Country
    7.2.2. Africa Market Size & Forecast, By Type
    7.2.3. Africa Market Size & Forecast, By Process
    7.2.4. Africa Market Size & Forecast, By Applications
    7.2.5. Egypt Market Size and Forecast
    7.2.6. South Africa Market Size and Forecast
    7.2.7. Rest of Africa Market Size and Forecast

    8. Company Profile
    8.1. Arkema
    8.1.1. Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors
    8.1.2. Arkema Product Category, Application, and Specification
    8.1.3. Arkema Financial Performance (2016-2018)
    8.1.4. Main Business/Business Overview
    8.2. Formosa Plastics Mexichem SAB de CV
    8.3. Occidental Petroleum Corporation
    8.4. Georg Fischer Harvel
    8.5. IPEX
    8.6. FIP
    8.7. Fluidra Group
    8.8. Viking Group
    8.9. Supreme
    8.10. Astral
    8.11. LASCO

  • Key Players

    • Arkema
    • Mexichem SAB de CV
    • Occidental Petroleum Corporation
    • Georg Fischer Harvel
    • IPEX
    • FIP
    • Fluidra Group
    • Viking Group
    • Supreme
    • Astral
    • LASCO

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