Tesla Delivered 367,500 Electric Vehicles Exceeding Its 2019 Goal

Tesla Delivered 367500 Electric Vehicles Exceeding Its 2019 Goal

Tesla’s spokesperson announced that the company delivered 367,500 electric vehicles in the year 2019, about 50% more sales than 2018, when the electric vehicle maker delivered 245,240 vehicles.  The goal-breaking number was majorly supported by the sale of cheaper Model 3. Tesla delivered nearly 112,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter. The electric vehicle manufacturer stated that the production also raised 10% from the preceding quarter to 105,000 vehicles.

The first quarter of 2019 started poorly for the company as it delivered about 63,000 vehicles, an estimated one-third drop from the preceding period. Conversely, Tesla rebounded by delivering about 95,000 electric vehicles in the second quarter, followed by 97,000 electric vehicle deliveries in the third quarter. Tesla specified that it considers a vehicle delivered, if it is transferred to the customer and the paperwork is correct.

Tesla increased its production of Model 3 vehicles at its factory located in Shanghai, China. In the last week of December 2019, over a dozen of Tesla employees took delivery of Model 3 Vehicle. The company further stated that, its first public deliveries of Model 3 Sedans manufactured at Shanghai factory would commence on January 7, 2020, approximately a year after the electric vehicle maker started construction of its first factory outside the U.S.

The company stated in a press release, that it would continue to focus on increasing its production in the facilities located in the U.S. and China, where Tesla reported that it has established production run-rate capability of more than 3,000 units per week. According to the company, the production rate excludes the local battery pack production that started in late December 2019.

Tesla is currently shipping its electric vehicles to more countries across the globe than before, including china and the U.K.

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