MAGFAST Debutant Power Bank Product the World’s First Product to Offer Three Wireless Charging Coils

Recently, MAGFAST an innovative tech company announced its new product ‘MAGFAST Extreme’. The new product is commonly known as ‘beast of charger’. The product specifications of the newly launched product involve rapid charging for multiple devices at the same time. In addition, it also offers customers a fast Qi wireless charging facility.

MAGFAST was founded in 2017, and led by the team of experts involved in product development and marketing team Seymour Segnit. The company is rigorously involved in designing the most innovative products and to create the world’s first system of chargers that work in a combination that eliminates wires and offer convenience to charge at any place or station absolutely at any point of time.

Moreover, the service type for power banks includes in all seven ways to charge devices that integrate further charging for commercial vehicles such as cars from one of its three Qi wifi base or the in-built MAGFAST family cable along with MAGFAST’s USB-C or USB-A fast convenient magnetic connection with a 12 V outlet.

The CEO and Founder of the Seymour Segnit said that “the intention to bring out a new class of power bank to consumers will inspire and take charging to the next level”. He further added that the newly launched product MAGFAST Extreme is not intended to become the supremo by launching the world’s first power bank that charges three phones through wifi at the same time but it also enables the power to stretch to the wifi charging in commercial vehicles.

MAGFAST is the powerful innovator to bring the finished products in the market in alliance with the Seymour Segnit. The collaboration brings out the most innovative products that shred an everlasting experience on the market and customers. The vision of the collaborators is to bring about charging in a simple, beautiful, and sustainable way. The new product MAGFAST Extreme eliminates messy charging cables by bringing a classic industrial design with self-accessing and replacement options with the help of in-built cables, new USB-C outlets, and traditional USB-A coupled with the latest PD Power delivery and three Qi-certified wireless charging points.

On the final note, the official of the Segnit said that “we are highly committed to design and deliver the innovative product that will completely transform customer’s priority towards charging options at residential areas and across the world. He concluded that we can’t wait to let go of this opportunity.

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